A recognized business owner in the New England area, Ada Rios was born in Guatemala, and has been living and traveling between the United States of America and her Country for the last 32 years.   She has been an entrepreneur for more than a decade. She went to to College in Guatemala and received an Associates Degree in Marketing and Mass Communication.


In the present time she is the Creator, Owner and Distributor of her own Beauty & Health Line for Personal Care Products, which she has been developing in the last 12 years with a strategic vision to achieve business goals that include delivering natural products to the consumers without any harmful chemicals, and growing the business to an International Corporation.



She has been practicing Yoga for 10 years and in the present she is a Yoga InstructorReflexologist and Reiki Master and a Biodecoding Counselor. Being multifaceted is one of her strenghs and she also likes writing books, she published her first, book in 2011, and her second one before the end of 2012, in Spanish.


Ada believes that taking care of our physical bodies is an important element in caring of our whole selves.  Mind-Body philosophy embraces the idea that all illnesses surface from a root cause. And although some of your health challenges may have risen out of a particular gene pool or are a result of your environment, our Minds and Emotions are major players in managing physical diseases and imbalances. “She firmly believes that the Body, Mind, and Spirit are dynamically interrelated. Each time a change happens at one level, it has an effect throughout the entire system”.




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