Ada Rios hair products were created  in 2006 with a NEW approach to health and beauty.  They were made to feed every part of hair trough the fruits, vegetables, and therapeutic herbs we handcraft for every seasonal and special combination product.

  • Of course they clean without sulphates
  • Yes they make your hair more managable
  • Yes they will take care of the dryness
  • Yes they will take care of course hair making it softer trough herbs and essential oils.
  • Yes you can use every day.
  • Yes you need to rotate your combinations of shampoos since your body gets use to ingredients just like muscles get use to same exercise.


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This is an 8 OZ shampoo
Please choose your combination when you purchase.

Hair shampoo
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

This is the perfect mate for your shampoo and it will not bring fine hair down.
Very moisturizing and strengthening for fine and weak hair.

Moisturizing conditioner

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